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Spiritual gifts, practical application ✨

The search for yourself, your tribe, your soul family, can be a lonely, confusing and depressing experience. The need to connect and to be truly seen and understood is so strong that we sometimes grab in desperation at the wrong paths. Stress seems to engulf us in our current state of modernity, rendering us immovable, at the mercy of dense energies, and taken over by the feeling that life is passing us by. The healing hand is here to support you in the coming home to yourself and the living of your authentic life, by your authentic code, knowing that that is the key to true happiness. When we are fully in our worth, and are truly ourselves, we become a beacon of light that draws what, and who we need towards us. 

You need never feel alone, as there is a wealth of energy that never leaves us, that is crying out for you to become aware and tap in to it. 

Please get in contact to discuss bespoke workshops/healing/productivity packages that suit you or your organisation. 

Stand alone Reiki sessions can also be booked at your request and convenience ✨


A Unique Approach


Bespoke Workshops 


Techniques aimed to empower the breaking free of constrictions. A programme of practical applications that bring the inner world out. Embodiment, breath, movement, meditation, journaling, creative writing, cathartic performance, focussed intuitive life planning, inner child, shadow work, and key manifestation principles. 
Tell us your need, and we will provide your group or organisation with workshops that are tailored to your preferences.


Woman specific 

Focussing on releasing old energies, patterns and conditioning. Connecting and rising together. 


Teen specific 

We all need to truly be seen, and this is vitally important for teens. The building of self worth is essential at this stage of development, as is the ability to deal with the stress and anxieties that are easily overlooked. 



Energy healing and transmutation. Our sessions are truly special in that we are able to tap in to our initiative gifts to gain insights in to the known and unknown. We are powerful distance healers, and are able to connect, identify and dissipate the blockages that hinder the realisation of your greatest life experience.


“The natural healing force in each one of us is the greatest force in getting well”



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